What is a Demon?

A demon typically resembles those seen in the bible or other Abrahamic religions. They perhaps survive through the contracts they do with humans however many things are still unknown of their nature.

Here are some basic things we do know:

  • They do contacts with humans, these come at the cost of the soul. The more souls gained by the demon makes them stronger as to thier abilties to fight other demons, existence to manipulate the human world, and chances to get more contracts
  • Demons usually offer a limmited amount of services to each human. They're all divided into 7 types of sin, the 7 deadly ones(Lust, envy, greed, pride, warth, sloth, and gluttony) as well as have a certain theme.
An example would be a new demon we found that goes by the name Jophiel, from they're contract they are a savior demon under the pride sin as such they offer a fake sense of safety under them, they act like they're God. They are a weakish demon.
  • Demons can be warded off by religious(any) items though this doesn't kill them so it recommended having any item in your home! The only known way of sending a demon back to hell is through an exorcism but only by the best, many decent exorcist have only warded them from a house but not got rid of them. It's unknown if a demon can be killed.
  • It seems there are 7 demon rulers of sorts of each sin. This includes Mammon-Greed, Belphegor-Sloth, Beelzebub-Gluttony, Leviathan-Envy, Lucifer-Pride, Asmodeus-Lust, and Satan-Wrath(Though these are the names given from more biblical views its unknown if thats they're actual names).
  • Demons seem to be able to control who sees them and who doesn't as well as hears them. heh prehaps imaginary friends are demons...scary

Here somethings we still don't know

(but maybe with you're help we can...):

  • How do demons exist? Of course many believe the story of God banishing Luficer to Hell however there seems no explaintion at the momment. Demons could be some way of torturing humans by a curel God, remnants of anicent aliens, or even have some biological reason for existing however that is unknown but theories are welcome!
  • What Demons goals are, though we assume its the fall of humanity this is unknown too. They may even have their own separate goals for every contract.
  • How to kill as stated before...maybe a very good exorcism?
  • What Hell is and what it look likes. Most things about hell we are unaware of. Maybe we would need some Dante? Though that's probably impossible.

Many topics around demons are still unknown as we add more from what we learn. If you've or anyone you know have had any encounters please discuss this with us and join us for our grouply meetings!