About us!

Our demonic involvement comes from a hope to take back control. The world is manipulated by demons and those that do contracts with them: Money-hungry men, lustful souls, revenge seekers, or any out for the general public! Not only this but with the dawn of demons our world has viewed humanities greatest sins from war, corruption, stravation, the torture, injustices, discriminations, and that we cannot control like plague or death. The demons mean to harm us and exploit are unconscious natures and wants to destroy our world. They want us to become our own death, plague, they want us gone. So we are here to help! By stopping some of the most controlling demons we can save our world and future children from the corruption of sin our cultures have become!

The founders!

  • Ashtar
  • The main founder of the group, Ashtar has done countless research on demonic phenomenons and even known those contracted with them. He wishes to have the burden of freeing the world of demons!

  • Halphas
  • Secondary founder, Halphas has been strongly effected by demons her family coming into contact with one and being destroyed. She as well wishes to handle them and focuses on the main health of those physcially effected by demons.

  • Sitri
  • The most spirtual of the group, Sitri pursues a more biblical answer to getting rid of demons and helping lives. He teaches new members special training to avoid demons as well as the way of life in the group. He tries to cheer up all members with hope of redemption.

We hope to transform our world to something better and demonless! If you'd like to help us you can read more HERE!